Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Kansas City Oven Repair

For over 30,000 years, humans have been using ovens to cook their food. From crude earthen pits dug into the ground to the microwave invented a mere few generations ago, ovens have slowly evolved over the eons, becoming fairly high-tech in terms of their cooking strategies.

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Still, most home ovens across the U.S. are either powered by electricity or gas.

True, these methods have been in use for centuries, but don’t be fooled – gas and electric ovens are complex devices that, when not working properly, are best handled by professional repair technicians like those on staff at Every Day Appliance Repair.

With nearly twenty years of experience to their credit, Every Day Appliance Repair is committed to making sure that Kansas Citians receive only the best in customer care matched with top-notch service that’s unbeatable city-wide.

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Some of the most common malfunctions that affect gas ranges involve the supply and ignition of gas in the burners and the oven. Sometimes the oven isn’t heating up properly; this could be due to a faulty door gasket, or in some cases, a sluggish igniter.

Other commons issues affecting gas ovens/stoves include:

    • Malfunctioning bake/broil valves
    • Bent or misaligned self-cleaning latches
    • Defective thermostats.

Clogged burners are a very common problem with gas ranges too because foods spilled on the burners block the gas ports and prevent ignition, so make sure you give them a good cleaning now and again.

As basically just an insulated box with a heating element and a thermostat, most problems  plaguing electric ovens or ranges can be traced back to problems concerning either or these. Sometimes the range or oven is receiving power but isn’t working.

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This is most likely due to a blown fuse or a brunt out heating element. Defective thermostats, doors that become stuck, or busted bake/broil valves – problems similar to gas ovens – are also common issues with electric ovens.

Factory trained and authorized to work with the biggest and most trusted brands in the business – Kenmore, Sears, GE, Jenn-Air, and Whirlpool – Every Day Appliance Repair will ‘bring the heat’ and get your oven cooking once again. For same day services, call us now and schedule your oven repair today!

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