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The next time you reach for an ice cold drink on a sweltering summer afternoon, you have your refrigerator to to thank for the refreshing treat. It wasn’t too long ago that society’s most affluent used to shell out big bucks to have huge blocks of ice hand delivered to their homes.

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Imagine having to go through all that just keep your food nice and fresh? Now imagine your life without refrigeration at all? Things would be much different than they are now . . .

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If it wasn’t for the often overlooked luxury of refrigeration, it would be next to impossible to preserve food for any length of time. Normal bacterial processes are naturally inhibited thanks to cold temperatures, so just by keeping your food cold, those delicious left-overs can last much longer. How about a gallon of milk? Without proper refrigeration, it won’t survive more than a few hours at room temperature, but once it’s kept good and cold . . . two to three weeks easy.

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From the outside, your refrigerator may not look all that complicated, but its inner workings are an involved matrix of coiled pipes, valves, compressors, and liquid refrigerant all working in unison to ensure maximum performance. Upset even the tiniest component, and the machine won’t perform at its optimum level, and when it comes to a refrigerator breaking down, that means your food goes bad . . . fast. Sometimes you’ve got a defective condenser fan, a restriction in the drainage system, an insufficient door seal, or a compressor that’s run its course. Or maybe there’s a potentially dangerous puddle forming on the floor, or the machine’s making more noise than it normally does. No matter what the issue, there’s no debating that a refrigerator problem or malfunction can not only severely inconvenience your daily routine; it’s a health risk for you and and your family.

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So the next time your home refrigerator isn’t performing up to its regular duties, set your mind at ease by calling in a team of appliance experts who’ve been serving the greater Kansas City area for nearly two decades: Every Day Appliance Repair. Committed to providing fast, efficient, and friendly service to maximize customer satisfaction, Every Day Appliance Repair guarantees only the best results!

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